Meet Stephanie Martins

  It has been an honor to serve you as your City Councilor over the past year and a half. These were some unprecedented times and a tough first term as we navigated through this pandemic together, grieved losses, and difficult times as a community.


    Last election, when I knocked on your door, I promised to be a representative that would be actively working for you, with you, and be your voice at city hall. I have since worked hard to keep that commitment and have been out in the community serving, connecting, and fighting for your priorities and needs every single week since my election.


   I believe that true commitment is about consistency and that you really know your elected official outside of the election season when it is time to actually serve. During this pandemic, our community needed less politics and more action and that is what my focus has been.


   When our community needed it the most, I was at their doorsteps and pantry lines with food, masks, diapers, holiday baskets, Chromebooks, and anything that was needed while our residents struggled to remain afloat and connected. When the vaccine became available, I was there to personally connect and register our hard to reach diverse community to expand access.


  When we returned to the chambers, I was there to voice your concerns, stand up for our first responders, and develop legislation that would advance the work on housing, economic development for our businesses, address the digital divide, ensure ADA access, provide rental and mortgage assistance for our residents, create opportunities for our youth, and even animal cruelty protections.


   I have actively worked to promote civic engagement and leadership development for our youth including supporting student club initiatives, creating paid internship opportunities, advising Everett's first Youth Council, and constantly creating different platforms to elevate our youth's talent and issues of interest. Additionally, I am proud to have been a voice for parents,  teachers, seniors, and the diverse members of our community. I believe that we can make great progress when we forward as ONE Everett.

  In Ward 2, I have been actively working to tackle the rodent issue with a reassessment of how we can better handle our trash and educate our neighbors in addition to working to address parking, proper lighting of public spaces, speeding, and snow removal issues.

 I have been proud to dedicate this first year to learning about the structure of the departments, our schools, and our budget. I have also worked closely with each department and community organization to amplify their reach and assist more residents as a result.

  As I conclude this first term, I am thrilled to return to your door to continue to hear from you.  The work has just begun and with your support, I can continue to work tirelessly putting the people of Everett first.  

I hope to earn your support again on November 2nd.




   Stephanie started her professional career at the age of 15 years old in retail customer service and quickly worked her way up to financial services until she was able to pursue a path in legal services and real estate and start her own real estate business while continuing to provide legal services as a paralegal and court interpreter.


    Currently, she is a licensed real estate agent and she runs a property development business buying, fixing, renting, and selling homes with her husband Al. She also provides assistance to the couple's secondary construction/maintenance business with accounting and management tasks. Because her passion has always been law and public service, Stephanie has also devoted countless hours to community involvement in those areas.

     Stephanie moved to the U.S. at the age of 14 as an English Learner and started supporting herself at the age of 17 while working three minimum wage jobs through which she was able to put herself through college. Stephanie is the first in her family to obtain a college degree after graduating cum laude with a Bachelor’s degree in Government from Harvard University Extension School. 

    During her time at Harvard, she provided free legal information regarding Small Claims Court procedures as part of the Small Claims Advisory Services initiative and tutored Harvard employees applying for US Citizenship through the Institute of Politics at the Kennedy School of Government. Stephanie became a leader on campus, heading an entrepreneurship organization, and co-chairing and managing speakers at Harvard-wide leadership conferences through the Harvard Graduate Student Council. 

     Last May, she graduated from the Gender, Leadership, and Public Policy graduate program at the John W. McCormack Graduate School of Policy and Global Studies at Umass Boston where her research work was focused on policy solutions for housing affordability. This program also included an internship at the Joint Committee on the Judiciary at the State House where she was able to aid the work being done on Beacon Hill and learn about different resources that can be brought to the city. Stephanie plans to continue her education by pursuing a law degree.   

       Serving the community is one of Stephanie's biggest passions. She has mentored children and teens as a big sister for several years. She is an active member of the Universal Church in Everett through which she has provided assistance to domestic violence survivors, seniors, at-risk-youth, and survivors of the opioid epidemic.

     For over 7 years, Stephanie took part in different know-your-rights campaigns as well as various political education and civic engagement activities. Additionally, she has been an active member of the Everett Kiwanis Club where she recently initiated her second term serving on the Board of Directors. Stephanie also serves on the Advisory Board for the Business Law Academy at Everett High School. Stephanie is always a guaranteed presence in various community events such as the Annual City Clean Up, serving dinner along with Massbadge and more. 


      Stephanie has proven that she never stops and that is the energy that she commits to you during her second term as your City Councilor.

This campaign is about you. This is your seat, and your priorities are Stephanie's priorities.