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Affordable Housing

Our city has a bright future. During times of expansion and development it is important to ensure that Everett remains affordable and that those who built the tradition of this city can continue to live in Everett.

Housing prices have skyrocketed since 2011, increasing by more than 60%, while condominiums have more than doubled in price. I will ensure that homeowners, renters and property owners alike are protected during these shifts, recognizing that renters are uniquely vulnerable to the shifts that will occur in the coming years.

I have an extensive background in real estate, having worked as a real estate agent since 2014, and look forward to utilizing my experience to take on the housing crisis we are currently battling.

Growing up, my family owned a small business. That’s how I know the fabric of this community is made up of small business owners like myself. Being a small business owner means making sacrifices and having determination; I want to ensure that everyone’s sacrifices are rewarded and that we can all continue to engage with the city of Everett in a productive way.


I plan to engage with issues at city hall with the same tenaciousness and vigor that helped me to get where I am today.


We all know that Everett is changing. I look forward to being your advocate in Everett’s development to ensure that the changes made are in your best interest. Together we can protect small businesses and work together to revitalize this city.

New employment opportunities will be created in the city and I will fight for Everett families to come first.

Protecting Everett Workers 

We need to help our youth to invest in their futures. That means staying away from potentially harmful substances like drugs and alcohol. Sixty-six percent of Everett youth think it is “very easy” or “sort of easy” to obtain alcohol.


I have been mentoring teens for the past seven years, so I understand how effective community outreach can be in helping students believe in their own potential. I plan to continue to support the existing youth outreach programs in Everett, as well as draw on my experiences as a youth mentor to guide new education initiatives.


Everett youth deserve the very best in mentorship and opportunities and we as a community have the resources to provide. I plan to advocate for Everett youth at city hall. Only together can we create opportunities for our children.

Youth Outreach

Advocating for the Community

Throughout my life, I’ve been involved in reaching out to communities by educating people on their rights and volunteering with various campaigns, including that of our current Attorney General Maura Healey. Getting the community involved in the political process is extremely important to me, as I truly believe the best way to serve a community is by listening.


City Hall has to be an accepting and welcoming place for all members of our community and I am committed to continuing to make sure that everyone’s ideas are heard. Everett is our community and together we can continue to build upon its foundations and shape it into a home we can all be proud of.

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