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“Less politics and more action. I am a doer. Pointing out issues is easy. Working towards real solutions takes hard work and effort. Since day one, I have been out in the community actively working to serve the people directly and deliver results.”


Being CONSISTENT is one of my priorities. I have been proud to be an active Councilor year round in and out of the chambers.

Everett deserves representation with a record to show.



“Being there for the community when the people needed it the most and personally helping and connecting people to resources in anyway I could was extremely humbling and rewarding.”

Everett was disproportionately hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. When our residents needed the most, Stephanie was on the frontlines and by our residents’ steps along with city employees and volunteers to deliver the help that our residents needed.


•  Stephanie helped to distribute hundreds of masks, diapers, food to seniors and COVID positive families, and was present at our various food distributions every week during the lockdown.


•  Stephanie personally filled her car and drove hundreds of deliveries weekly to churches and community leaders where the food was redistributed to families in need. She helped to connect our community organizations with city resources for a greater reach.


•  Honored our health workers during the most traumatic period of the COVID-19 pandemic in a partnership with. businesses and children from the community.


• In a collaboration between the Council on Aging of the City of Everett, School Committee member Marcony Almeida-Barros, local businesses, the Universal Church, LUMA, and the Eliot Resource Center, Stephanie distributed full Thanksgiving baskets with a frozen turkey, all of the fixings, masks and hand sanitizers to more than 250 families in need.


•  Stephanie founght for vaccine access equity and worked with partners and the media to personally connect residents with the city’s vaccination clinic including non-English speakers who received their COVID-19 shots.

•  Stephanie helped to promote, identify venues, and personally registered hard to reach non-English speakers at the mobile vaccine clinics


•  Promoted local services available through her Amplifying Resources series where our local organizations were given a space to share their journey and information on the services they provide to the community.


 Created the Everett Housing Taskforce as a forum for housing advocates, community leaders, residents, business owners, and experts to discuss and evaluate policy solutions for the city and present recommendations.

•  Provided multilingual Landlord/Tenant Housing Rights Workshops in partnership with the Attorney General’s Office, City Life Vida Urbana, The Everett Haitian Community Center, and Garreta Law.

•  Provided Housing Rights Training to the EPD in partnership with the Greater Boston Legal Services Connected multiple residents with GBLS for eviction representation

•  Advocated for the creation of a municipal rental assistance fund 

•  Personally assisted residents with filling out and making sure applications were processed

•  Shared know your rights pamphlets 


•  Translated city's rental application and assisted diverse individuals with their rental relief applications process

•  Advocated for a more streamlined RAFT application

•  Provided RAFT workshop in partnership with Metro Housing Boston

•  Created the Everett Housing Trust Fund through which Home Repair Loans and First Time Homebuyer grants can be generated and funding for affordable housing projects can be provided.

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As a product of the public school systems herself and a former ELL student who put herself through college working to support herself as a young adult, Stephanie understands the struggles of our youth first-hand and has been a constant presence supporting the youth in Everett.

Stephanie has been actively involved with our youth in many different aspects:

• Supporting the key-club and special needs students as a member of the Kiwanis Club of Everett

• Sponsoring the Resolution recognizing the creation of Everett's first Youth Council where she serves as an Adult Advisor

• Providing guidance and coaching for students during the yearly career fairs, science fairs, and mock interview days

• Supporting student clubs’ events with guest speakers and resources

• Creating paid internship opportunities to promote civic engagement in partnership with the Clerk's and Elections Office.

• Volunteering with EPS to deliver Chromebooks to families during the pandemic

• Partnering with businesses to provide toys for Christmas

• Visiting our schools during Read Across America Week to read to our diverse students in English, Portuguese, and Spanish

• Working with parents and the Everett Police Department to address teen rape and drug use

• Served as an advisor for the Business and Law Academy

• Served on the steering committee for the school reopening plan

• Served as a big sister for 7 years

• Served as a Youth Leader at the Youth Power Group


“Supporting our veterans, seniors, schools, and celebrating in community is important to me. I love meeting our residents and being a part of the culture of the city. To me, real commitment is about always showing up.”

• As a year-round supporter of our community, Stephanie has been a sure presence at Memorial and Veterans Day events, community and senior dinners, flag raisings, school events, Domestic Violence Awareness events, and volunteering with local organizations.

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As a reliable resource for our business owners and a regular supporter of our business establishments, Stephanie has been a champion and a voice for our local businesses:


  • Providing information and guidance to new and diverse business owners navigating through the permitting and licensing process

  • Sharing information about COVID-19 guidelines during the reopening

  • Fighting for competitive business hours post-lockdown

  • Connecting immigrant businesses with the Chamber of Commerce

  • Recognizing community efforts by our local businesses

  • Supporting procurement training and business opportunities with the City


As a first-generation immigrant from Brazil who speaks Portuguese and Spanish and shares the same diaspora, Stephanie can relate and understand the needs of our diverse communities and has served as a bridge so Everett can be ONE and reach ALL.

• Personally translates city communications and applications into Portuguese to make information more accesible.

• Shares city news and updates on multi-lingual papers and radio stations

• Serves as a voice to inform the most effective ways to reach out and assist the community

• Advocated for more accessible and equitable vaccination sites with no registration and language barriers

• Connected local organizations with food distribution sites

• Assists individuals with City Hall related matters.

• Made the Presidential elections more accessible by adding multilingual poll-interpreters to the polling locations

• A champion for an inclusive redistricting process that is mindful of the diversity of the city

•  A constant bridge connecting individuals to the resources available for residents

• A tireless spokesperson for voter participation, political education, and civic engagement

• Stephanie co-sponsored a resolution in support of the Work and Family Mobility Act.


Stephanie is the first freshman Councilor to chair a Committee. As the Chair of Public Safety, Steph's first order of business was to visit each of the Fire Stations and Police station. Stephanie wanted to fully understand the make-up, needs, inventory, and the department budget prior to engaging in any discussions. Stephanie believes that the investment in public safety should follow development trends in the city to guarantee the safety of our first responders and residents. Stephanie is also constantly listening to our residents and voicing concerns for safer streets and much needed programs.

• Advocated for the safety and well-being of our firefighters with up to date gear, no exposure to fumes at Temporary Station, and a fully equipped gym


• An advocate for the building of a modern Police Station and investing in better equipment that can better serve our community.

• Advocated for added lighting and speed control measures to make our streets safer for our residents

• Worked together with parents and the police to address the issue of drug abuse and teen rape

• Supports the investment/partnership of the EPD with diversion programs 

• Believes that sports, mentorship, professional training, and employment opportunities can protect our youth.


•  Worked closely with residents to advocate for parking changes and speed controls

•  Partnered with residents and businesses to provide Christmas gifts for Parlin and George Keverian students


•  Currently working with Roads A and B residents on to improve the cleanliness, maintenance, lighting, and mitigate speeding issues.

•  Ongoing work to tackle the rodent issue with a reassessment of the trash collection process and education around recycling and ordering additional barrels.


In Everett, everybody counts. And to ensure that even the hardest to count communities would be included, Stephanie rolled up her sleeves and hit the streets to assist the city along with local organizations and Census partners to get our residents counted. Stephanie's drive and commitment was crucial for our Census results.

•  Created multilingual literature for distribution in partnership with local residents and the Clerk's Office


•  Organized and collaborated with the Everett Complete Count Committee to promote canvassing events  and distribute census materials

•  Promoted education about the Census online, multilingual media, and at local small businesses

•  Coordinated with MA Counts, Census Bureau, Clerk's Office, and Everett Public Schools to set up tables in front of our schools to reach more residents

•  Added Census materials to pantry distribution items

•  The Everett count increased by approximately 15% as a result


“Stephanie understands how critical it is for the community to have access to a quality internet connection and has been an advocate for digital access, working to address the digital divide and improve the broadband infrastructure in the city.”

• Sponsored resolution declaring the lack of access to quality internet a public health crisis.

• Worked with Xfinity to address service disruptions and prevent pricing increases in the middle of the pandemic

• Currently, part of the Digital Access Workgroup with the MAPC, City Administration, Communications Department, Everett Public Schools, and local community groups

• Supports the establishment of Everett’s own Municipal Broadband


“As a dog owner herself, Steph is an advocate for rescue, dog parks, and humane practices for dogs and all animals including wildlife. Steph has always been present during the waterfront cleanups and supports alternative transportation, green municipal buildings, and reducing plastic waste.”

•  Sponsored resolution to designate Seven Acre a dog park.

•  Sponsored ordinance protecting wildlife from inhumane treatment by pest control companies

•  Currently working on ordinance to reduce plastic waste.


•  Steph has stood in solidarity with our union brothers and sisters in their fight for better contracts.

•  Always an advocate for our union members during budget season, Steph supports offering competitive salaries

and fully staffing departments.

•  Steph is the current lead sponsor on an ordinance for Everett to be the first municipality in MA to opt-in to offer Paid Family Medical Leave (PFML) to city employees.

•  Sponsored resolution opposing MBTA cuts affecting disproportionally impacted cities like Everett.

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