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Dear Everett Resident,

My name is Stephanie Martins and I am running for Everett City Council, Ward 2 - Voted City-Wide. Everett has become my home and I want nothing more than to see it thrive. Above all else, I am committed to listening to and empowering all residents.

I am running to provide the people of Everett every opportunity to succeed. This includes the families who have lived here for generations but also young professionals who want an affordable and vibrant place to live, work and start a family. I was born to a working family of small business owners in Brazil and moved to the U.S. to live with my dad when I was 14. Luckily, I adjusted to my new surroundings quickly. I made new friends and eventually started taking Honors and AP classes and became highly involved in my community. I am a champion for education and afterschool programs. I believe every youth should have the opportunity I did.

When I was only 17, my father decided to move to Florida to open up his own bakery. Reluctant to leave my school and all of my friends, I decided to stay in Massachusetts. I worked three minimum-wage, part-time jobs just to make ends meet. I was determined to succeed. Based on that experience, I think very highly of working parents trying to raise children on a minimum wage.

A few weeks before graduation, my mother suddenly passed away. I was devastated to miss her funeral with family in Brazil but I knew that I had to press on. It was only few weeks until my high school graduation. I was able to work one full-time job which allowed me to once again focus on pursuing my dream of attending college.

A year later my grandfather, who was instrumental in my upbringing, passed away. My life spiraled as I turned to alcohol. However, when I was pulled over as a minor, I understood that every wrong action was only hurting myself. It was a hard but important lesson to learn. I decided to take ownership of my life and to create a bright future. I now use a combination of my determination and previous professional and volunteer experiences to mentor children who struggle with substance abuse, family challenges and loss. For seven years, I served as a “big sister,” mentor and speaker in Everett and beyond, inspiring young people to realize their full potential. I believe that our children in Everett need a role model to look up to and someone who understands the struggles of our youth.

I continued working to serve the community when I got my Bachelor’s degree in Government at the Harvard University Division of Continuing Education, where I graduated cum laude in 2016. I provided free legal information regarding Small Claims courts procedures as part of the Small Claims Advisory Services initiative, and I tutored Harvard employees applying for US Citizenship through the Institute of Politics at the Kennedy School. I also became a leader on campus, heading an entrepreneurship organization, and co-chairing and managing speakers at Harvard-wide leadership conferences through the Harvard Graduate Student Council. I went from living with just a mattress and a computer to introducing prominent business figures and organizing large events. I am now 29 and I currently work in legal services and real estate with my husband Al. I hope to inspire other Everett children and teens to believe in their potential and to take action to define their own future.

When elected, I will fight for affordable housing practices to ensure that those who built the tradition of this city can continue to live here, especially in this time of unprecedented growth. I support services for seniors, veterans, domestic violence survivors and investment in public safety. Providing our police and fire departments with the personnel, tools and education to succeed will make our city stronger and our streets safer.

I will also fight for Everett workers to come first whenever any job opportunities open up in the city. Various labor unions have endorsed my candidacy including: The Massachusetts Nurses Association, SEIU 32BJ and SEIU 888.

I also want to focus on creating opportunities for our youth by continuing to support the existing youth outreach programs in Everett and by drawing on my experiences as a youth mentor to guide new education initiatives. I will fight for our youth to have the support they need to transition to college, receive professional training and have access to work opportunities. Most importantly, I am interested in saving lives. You can count on my efforts as a strong advocate in the fight against opioid abuse.

Most importantly, I will serve as a tireless advocate for the community as a whole. I am committed to ensuring that everyone’s voices are being heard. I will be out there listening to you and addressing your concerns. Everett is a wonderful community and together we can continue to build upon its foundations and shape it further as a great place to work, live and raise our children.

Everett is going through a positive period of growth and development and we will need qualified individuals to make important decisions which will directly affect our well-being and our future. I am committed to being a councilor who will keep you informed and reflect your voice. YOU are my only priority. On November 7th, I ask you to think about your city and vote for a new perspective and a qualified leader.

I hope to have your support with your vote on November 7th!

Do you need a ride to the polls? Call: 617-410-6438



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